What is Encounter?

Encounter is 3 days, designed to have you encounter God face-to-face.

What is an Encounter?

The Encounter is 3-day weekend connecting you in your relationship with Jesus where you experience the cross like never before, get set free, and learn about a deeper walk with the Lord.

There is worship, teaching, ministry, small group time, sharing, and hanging out. We set the stage and the atmosphere for you to spend focused time in the presence of God!

Attendees will participate in the teaching sessions and ministry times. You will be in a small group and will have a small group leader who will be helping you through the weekend.


The cost of this incredible retreat is just $40 and includes 4 meals, and all programs and activities!

What can I expect at my Encounter?

The Encounter is designed for each person to come face-to face and encounter the presence of God. The Encounter has six main things that we’re trying to accomplish.

  1. That the person who is attending the Encounter would be completely sure of their salvation.
  2. They would experience genuine repentance.
  3. They would break bondages that bind them to their past.
  4. They receive inner healing.
  5. They receive and experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
  6. They would catch and understand the vision of our church to win souls and make disciples.


Where did we get the idea? The Bible!

The Encounter is a place where people can come face-to-face with the Lord for three days. Many people in the Bible had an Encounter with God like Paul and experienced the presence of God that set them free and gave them purpose for their life.

What are the requirements to attend the Encounter weekend?

  • You must register online.
  • You must watch the Pre-Encounter video before attending the Encounter.
  • You must attend all sessions and must be available for the whole weekend.

What do I Bring?

  • Bible
  • Comfortable, casual clothing
  • An attitude of expectation

Can I bring my children?

No, because of the structure of the schedule we ask that you find someone to watch your child.  On Sunday, childcare is provided for free after breakfast and then after church too. 

Have More Questions?

We would love to talk and help you with your spiritual journey.