Our LifeGroup is a  group of youth who meet weekly in order to study the Bible, connect with others and challenge each other to be more like Jesus.  Our vision is to “Win Souls and Make Disciples”. Come and Do Life Together with other believing youth.
 During the teen years, everyone faces challenges on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We take this time in life very seriously and because of it, have intentionally crafted an experience that will help students grow to amazing potential throughout their teen years.
 Our project is this: making sure that all students come out of their teens years prepared to face life’s challenges as they continue their training to face an adult world with adult situations. Everything we do at New Generation is designed just for this special age group, from our weekend activities to our special events, conferences, and camps. Each of our events has a very important purpose and builds upon the last. We use our life group meetings and special events to create fun and community, enabling students to draw closer to each other and to their leaders, along with pointing them into a deeper relationship with Christ.